About us

In each of the 80+ countries/territories currently in the ATA system, the issuing and guaranteeing of the ATA Carnet is ensured by National Guaranteeing Organisations (NGOs) which are members of the international Customs guarantee chain which was set up for that purpose by the World Chambers Federation of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

UKNATACO will oversee the operation of ATA Carnets in the UK with a dedicated staff and an independent Advisory Board.

Our purpose is as follows:

1. To oversee Carnet issuance in the United Kingdom to ensure all Issuing Bodies are compliant
2. To support UK Issuing Bodies with all aspects of Carnet administration
3. To train UK Carnet-issuing staff and produce and update an Operating Manual
4. To represent the UK at the World ATA Carnet Council
5. To guarantee all Carnets issued in the UK and foreign Carnets used in the UK
6. To deal with Carnet claims against both UK and foreign Carnets

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