UK National ATA Carnet Organisation (UKNATACO)

UK National ATA Carnet Organisation (UKNATACO)

UKNATACO is the national guaranteeing organisation for ATA Carnets in the UK

ATA Carnets are a ‘passport for goods’ which are temporarily moving from one country to another. UKNATACO is ultimately responsible for all ATA Carnets issued from the UK as well as guaranteeing in-bound Carnets – those that are issued overseas and which relate to goods coming into the UK under the scheme.

This website provides general information for businesses and individuals who wish to move goods abroad temporarily. The content is aimed more specifically at Chambers of Commerce involved in issuing of ATA Carnets, and Border Force officials processing ATA Carnets.

What are ATA Carnets?

  • Goods for use at trade fairs, shows, exhibitions
  • Professional equipment (tools of trade, test and scientific equipment etc)
  • Commercial samples and personal effects and goods for sports purposes (including race vehicles).

Important points to note

  • Carnet goods must not go through any processing or modifications while situated in the country of temporary importation
  • ATA Carnets do not cover perishable items, goods for processing or repair, or means of private transportation
  • All entries and exits from one country to another must be endorsed by the relevant Customs
  • Failure to re-export the goods from the country of importation, before the Carnet expires or within the time limit imposed by host customs, may lead to payment of duty. Carnet Holder will be responsible for meeting any such charges.
What are ATA Carnet by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

Maria Dotsch, Policy consultant at DBT, Martin Senior, International Trade Adviser at DBT East of England and Davor McKinley, Head of ATA Carnet Procedures and Compliance, provide an expert overview of ATA Carnets. This webinar covers the purpose of ATA Carnets, the advantages of using ATA Carnets and a summary of how businesses can get help or guidance.

Applying for an ATA Carnet

What information is needed to apply for a Carnet

1. List of countries the goods will be travelling to
2. Intended use of goods
3. Name of person / company that will be travelling with the goods
4. List of items that will be exported

How to use an ATA Carnet

Carnet Holders must check the following upon receiving the Carnet:
• Ensure that countries listed on the Front Cover reflect your intended itinerary
• Ensure that correct items are listed on the reverse of the Front Cover
• Sign Box J on the lower right-hand side of the Front Cover
• Prepare a Letter of Authorisation if the person travelling with the goods is not listed in Box B of the Front Cover

Refer to the following guides for further information on how to use an ATA Carnet:

Latest ATA Circulars

If you have any questions regarding ATA Carnets, please read our FAQ section.

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